Best ceramics classes in Madrid As you probably know, Spain was one of the first countries in Europe (via Islamic way in the 8th century) in making ceramic art. This country offers multiple types of very good clay so it is an ideal place to learn ceramics and its different techniques such as traditional pottery, […]

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Fun things to do in Madrid with children Visiting Madrid with children is a wonderful idea as the Spanish capital has lots to offer for families. It is the typical place where you can find the most suitable activity for your children’s character and interests. Museums, parks, zoos, and amusement parks are just a small […]

12 typical Spanish drinks you should try We are sure that you already know what the most typical Spanish food is, but what about the drink in Spain? In Spain we have plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic “bebidas” (drinks in Spanish) and you can try them almost everywhere in the country. The locals love all […]

Looking for things to do alone in Madrid? If you are travelling alone in Madrid, for example, if you are on a business trip or you have just decided to take some time for yourself, we want you to make the most of your time. Here are 10 wonderful activities for those travelling solo, although […]

In Madrid there are dozen of bars which are very special. Why? Because they have been open without interruption for more than 100 years. They are called “The Centenarian Restaurants and Taverns”. In these places you can immerse yourself in history as they have maintained their traditions, service, value, gastronomy and atmosphere throughout all these years. If you […]

The year of 2019 will be an incredible year for Spanish cultural life as the Prado Museum in Madrid will celebrate its 200th anniversary. The Museum was open in 1819 by the king Ferdinand the 7th as The Royal Museum of Paintings and Sculptures. At the beginning there were only 311 paintings, but today there are […]

Are you thinking about what to do in Madrid in the evenings? Each year there are more music festivals all around the Madrid Region and they are getting extremely popular. It is a good way to spend a great summer evening in Madrid. You can listen to some contemporary Spanish and International musicians, relax and meet local people. Here are this […]

You have only a weekend in Madrid? Here you can find what to do in Madrid for 3 days. With this itinerary you will be able to see the most important tourist attractions in the Spanish capital. Madrid is a very special city as it is located exactly in the center of Spain, it is […]

Where to see a Picasso in Madrid ? A few years ago we could enjoy the great Picasso exhibition in Madrid at the Reina Sofia Museum of Modern Arts. But today, where can you see paintings by Picasso in Madrid? There are basically 3 places where you can admire works of this artist in the […]

Day of half day trips from Madrid Madrid is in the exact center of Spain so its location is perfect to discover the country. If you spend a few days in the capital we recommend taking at least one day trip from Madrid. You will be surprised by some unique UNESCO Heritage towns, castles, but […]