Pottery and Ceramics classes in Madrid

Best ceramics classes in Madrid

As you probably know, Spain was one of the first countries in Europe (via Islamic way in the 8th century) in making ceramic art. This country offers multiple types of very good clay so it is an ideal place to learn ceramics and its different techniques such as traditional pottery, the wheel and others.

Today in Madrid you can find many ceramics schools where you can join one or multiple classes and learn more about this art.

Here is a list of the best ceramics and pottery classes in Madrid  so you can easily organize a lovely activity for you or your friends.

  1. Official Ceramics School in Moncloa and Francisco Alcantara School

Let’s start from the official pottery schools in Madrid. If you are looking for deep knowledge in ceramics, this is your place. At these schools, located one in front of the other, normally you can choose between long term courses- which last 2 years and give you an official title (such as artistic ceramic master, potter or sculptor) and professional workshops. These schools are for people who would like to form as ceramists. They are located in a beautiful place at Moncloa neighborhood.

You can find more information about these schools in Spanish here.


2. Marta Ceramica

This studio is one of the first small private ceramics schools in Madrid. Marta opened Martaceramica after finishing the above-mentioned academies 12 years ago.

In this school you can learn all types of pottery and you will be able to learn more about Spanish Ceramics traditions. You can join a regular or a private class. This is probably the most expensive school of all the small studios but they work with high quality materials.


3. Amasarte

It is a lovely and small studio located in the very center of Madrid. You can join one of the regular classes or you can do a weekend workshop with them. They also sell handmade Spanish pottery. Very recommended place.


4. El alfar de lavapiés

This is an association and private ceramics studio. It is located in the heart of Madrid at Lavapies neighborhood. You can do all kind of pottery here and you can also bring your own pots to decorate them. They offer regular and intensive classes both for adults and children on a very good price.


5. Lumbre y barro

A cosy ceramics school in Madrid which offers regular, weekend, private classes. Among the traditional pottery you can try many techiques and styles in this studio such as raku, sculpture, modelling and much more. They even offer bachelor or birthday parties, which we consider a very original activity.


These were just a few ceramics and pottery studios in Madrid.