200 years in the Prado Museum

The year of 2019 will be an incredible year for Spanish cultural life as the Prado Museum in Madrid will celebrate its 200th anniversary.

The Museum was open in 1819 by the king Ferdinand the 7th as The Royal Museum of Paintings and Sculptures. At the beginning there were only 311 paintings, but today there are more than 7000 paintings and thousands of sculptures, drawings and other documents.

This museum houses the biggest collection of Spanish art in the world with canvases of painters like Velazquez, El Greco or Goya. It has also one of the best collections of Flemish art and actually the biggest number of Hieronymus Bosch´s panels n the world.

2019 will be a perfect year to visit Madrid as during the whole year there will be many temporary exhibitions in the Prado Museum but also hundreds of guided tours, conferences, performances and concerts.

Soon the Prado Museum will publish all the events here.

We are very excited about the Prado´s bicentenary programs and we are also preparing some special private tours in the Prado Museum to be able to understand its role in the history of art.