A centenary exhibition in the Prado Museum: Bosch (2016)

Due to the 5th centenary of the Dutch painter Hyeronimus Bosch’s death, the Prado Museum in Madrid is preparing the exhibition of the year, which is the most awaited event in the world of art in 2016.

It is held between May and November, and could easily become the most extraordinary and greatest exhibition ever organized in the museum.

Bosch is beloved by all kinds of people, no matter how old they are or where they come from.  We all get astonished by his world of fantasy and unfolded mysteries.

Although he is a painter of the 15th century his work still lives on, and keeps surprising us today.

In this exhibition you will be able to see 65 pieces of art: 25 of them from Bosch himself, which is a great amount of work. The rest of the art pieces belong to his workshop, contemporaries and other artist inspired by him.

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