The 10 best things to do in Madrid at night

In Madrid, when the sun goes down is when the people wake up and go out. It is a city with an incredible night life, and sometimes it even seems that it never sleeps. For the locals, the night begins about 9:00PM. Do you want to know what to do in Madrid at night? Here we go:

10 fun things to do in Madrid (Spain) at night

1. Visit the Reina Sofía Museum


From 7:00PM to 9:00PM the entrance is free to this museum. Before your night adventures you can discover this fantastic building and its collection of art and see Picasso´s Guernica. If you want to get the most out of it, we recommend you an evening private tour to the Reina Sofía Museum.

2. See a concert at Madrid’s National Auditorium


If you like classical music this is your place. Almost every day of the year amazing classic music concerts are held here. You can find out more about the concerts and the program here.

3. Take some tapas at Cava Baja

tapas madrid

At the La Latina, which was the medieval Moorish district, all the small bars, terraces and restaurants open around 8:00PM. There you can taste delicious tapas, vines and vermuth. We recommend the Cava Baja street because of its unforgettable ambience. And the Taberna Txacolí  and La Perejila because of its delicious pinchos.

3. Take an evening city tour

madrid noche

One of the best things to do in Madrid at night is to take a tour and discover this city after the sunset. You will be able to see the most important highlights with lights and you will learn about how was Madrid in the middle ages during the night.

4. View the sunset from a rooftop bar

vistas madrid

In Madrid, there are many amazing rooftop bars where you can enjoy the sunset with a cocktail and wonderful views. We recommend you the Sunset Lockers (open from April to November) placed on the top of the Mercury Hotel Santo Domingo. It is an oasis in the middle of the city center.

5. Visit a flamenco show

flamenco in madrid

It is never enough of flamenco. One of the best things to do in Madrid at night is to go out and see an authentic flamenco show with a glass of red wine. If you don´t want to end up in a typical tourist place, we recommend you the flamenco show at the dance school Amor de Dios (open only on Fridays and Saturdays).

6. Visit one of the oldest cocktail bars


Take a mojito and get prepared for Madrid´s night life at Chicote night club. The Museo del Chicote is a legendary place in the center of Madrid. It was open in 1940 and it was visited by Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Sofia Loren, Rita Hayworth and many others.

7. Walk along the Alcala street

Madrid private tour by car

On this street, you can find all the monumental buildings from the 19th century Madrid which look especially grandiose with the night illumination. View the astonishing Alcala City gate or the City Hall with the Cibeles fountain which is one of the symbols of Madrid.

9. Visit a Michelin star restaurant in Madrid


In Madrid, you can never be hungry as there are thousands of good eateries all around and it houses more than 10 Michelin star restaurants. The only 3 Michelin star restaurant is David Muñoz´s DiverXo, which is a highly recommend and unique experience (you need to book about 6 months in advance).

And finally…..

10. Go out in Madrid

disco madrid

Madrid is a city where you can go out anytime of the year, you will always find bars full of people, discos and clubs and they are all very different depending on the district. Following this concept, for example in the Salamanca district you can visit chick and quite expensive VIP clubs and luxurious restaurants, at Sol you can dance or learn salsa at big and crowdy discos and loudly bars , at Lavapies you can meet with locals at underground, boozy cafes, the Moncloa district is the student´s heaven and so on… You have to know that nobody dances before 1:00PM in Madrid, because people normally finish this time their dinner and drinks.
Whatever you do from our “ 10 best things to do in Madrid at night” list you will be amazed by the city’s energy and the hospitality of its habitants.